Thursday, October 25, 2012

Fish Story in a wider context

Gene Turner is on the "Gulf to Gulf" team and one of our science collaborators for Fish Story. When the launch announcement for Fish Story went out this morning, he was moderating a RAE panel, "Why we restore- an exploration of values," with Robin Lewis, an international restorationist with the Coastal Resources Group, myself and Bill Shadel of the American Littoral Society. In the background, as he introduced the panel, Gene was running this beautiful PPT, which I'm temporarily inserting as a movie until I can get Gene's permission to upload it to vimeo:

As I was uploading this, the following fish story came in on facebook:

i was 12 my goldfish died but when it happen i thought it was just sleeping at the top of the greeny tank. An ever lasting sleep 3 days later the tank was empty my mum flushed lil fishy down the toilet.

Twilight at week's end of the RAE conference in Tampa. It seemed
to me, before news of Hurricane Sandy, that perhaps a big storm was coming,
 in more ways than one.


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