Thursday, November 15, 2012

LIU Panel tonight on Social Networking; let's give them something to talk about

Speaking of social networking, I have been experimenting with using FB for a studio visit cum exhibition. This was something I posted last night (Nov. 15, 2012). FB allows some of us a very peculiar but interesting means to straddle venue and party.

I'm looking forward to seeing some of my friends and very pleased to be part of tomorrow's (Nov. 16, 2012) panel with Dennis Broe and Buck Moorehead, moderated by Claire Goodman, "Using Media to Make Change." Our discussion will be about how we can use media and technology to bring about social change. It's for the 11th Annual Big Mini Media Festival, Friday, November 16th, Long Island University, (LIU), Brooklyn, NY. Festival screenings start at 6: pm, with the panel taking place from 6:40 pm -7:40 pm in the Spike Lee Screening Room. It will be recorded and the recording can be accessed on the website:

I am convinced that social media is the greatest thing since swiss cheese to change thinking and ultimately, behavior about our social and environmental problems. I think it's the glue of hope and community, as powerful as the media revolution that began with video in the seventies, not for itself, but as a means to mobilize events on the ground. An example since the hurricane is the moving work of Occupy Sandy:

On the FB screen shot above, my hard to read text with reads:   

I have been pulling up documents from the creation of Ghost Nets to explain the thinking behind Trigger Point Theory for my dissertation. It's very emotional for me to read passionate letters of endorsement from my supporters, for funding t
hat rarely came thru at all. This image from 1993 shows the trajectory of ritualized walks I took daily for ten years on the site, as I transformed it from a pile of barren rubble to wetlands and uplands gardens.

Call me Pollyanna. I refuse to dwell on the falling sky. I insist on worrying about the dying fish. I have every expectation that good will triumph.

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