Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Counting down to Fish Story

In a matter of minutes, I expect to get a video trailer from Kathleen Sweeney. It will be the heart of our Fish Story crowd funding re-launch campaign tomorrow on Rockethub. Meanwhile, I want to put in a plug for my colleagues' Yvonne Senouf & Corinne Weber's Project.Nero launch. I am hoping they may also guest appear May 11 in the webcast event that will close Fish Story, Memphis 2013. I find it immensely inspiring, exciting and hopeful that so many artists are working on river issues now because I think they may be a key to resilience in these times of climate change.

In 27 days, I will be back in Memphis, ready to begin the series of events that will comprise Fish Story. May 4, Dr. Eugene Turner and I will canoe the Wolf River to the Ghost River wetlands, headlands to the Wolf, documenting fish habitat. We will be joining a group from the Wolf River Conservancy.  

A little earlier today, I sent Emily Halpern, at Crosstown Arts Gallery, a description of what we will accomplish May 6 in the gallery, with young people. I will post that here ASAP. Stay tuned.

Tomorrow, my work will be in the AC Institute One of a Kind IV show, curated by Heide Hatry. The Oil & Water artists book I am exhibiting plays on a single image, taken in 2008, before the BP spill but after Katrina. It was the impact of thinking about and seeing New Orleans after these events, that began the journey that will take me to Memphis next month.

Page 3 of 12 pages of Oil & Water unique artists book, encaustic on digitized print on Hosho paper  in plexiglass box. Aviva Rahmani 2013

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