Friday, September 4, 2015

Painting a full measure of the first movement of the full "Blued Trees" symphony October 4, 2015

This post will be revised over the next few weeks as time gets close to the full symphony event. Please check in to see those revisions. I am posting today because the first outreach to the media has begun. As of now, artists are organizing and effecting full measures for Blued Trees in at least four states in America.

There are already instructions in previous posts here for painting individual trees that would be part of a Greek Chorus, but I wanted to also create a new post for those who want to generate an entire measure (or several) to participate in the first movement of the full symphony scheduled for Oct. 4. 

The general pattern of distribution of painted trees for one full measure is identical to the musical score and the map of painted trees in Peekskill from the Overture installed June 21, 2015. The illustration below represents an overlay of how that distribution looked on the terrain for Overture. 

The Overture measure of Blued Trees in Peekskill, New York
This is a map of the completed distribution of painted trees from the Overture, which can be approximated on additional sites:
Edited sketch used to file copyright on completed measure of Blued Trees.
Appropriate sites for a full (one-thrd mile) measure of the Blued Trees symphony first movement, are corridors of private land, threatened by condemnation for natural gas expansion. Each measure is 1/3 mile of that corridor., approximately 1800 linear ft.) The minimum number of trees that would be painted in that measure would be 10, but whole and half notes can be represent by either painting larger trees, or clusters of trees.

In terms of the symphonic structure, this first movement of Blued Tees is conceived in classically discursive sonata form. It represents a conversation between the life of the forests that would be destroyed and the water they protect, and the death meted out by fossil fuels and the corporations that produce the fossil fuels creating global warming. Two more movements and a coda will ensue in due time.

As I recently discussed in the UK for my presentation at the Whitworth Gallery, Manchester and as part of panels for the International Society for Ecological Restoration there, the first task in creating a measure of the symphony, is to study the satellite (google earth) maps of the site to understand the terrain, and then walk it carefully. The spatial distribution is disorienting at first but then becomes more obvious. You will find, as I did, that certain trees, usually the oldest "call" to you to be soloists in the installation.

More information will be added as questions arise I will try to clearly answer.

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