Saturday, October 17, 2015

The first and second movement of the "Blued Trees" symphony

The Blued Trees symphony was conceived as a synesthetic relationship to space, in which sound and space are one. It is taking place over about 16 months, in multiple international locations. There are going to be five movements. The overture was completed June 21, 2015, and has been copyrighted.

The first movement is being completed now and will be copyrighted with a number of additional sites, encompassing about 6 miles around the country. The first movement began October 4, 2015, and as in any classical symphonic structure, it recapitulates themes introduced in the overture. In this case the themes include law, justice, ambient habitat sound, the human voice, habitat degradation, melodic forms and relationships to risk and public good. The second movement began October 6, 2015 overlapping the first movement, and introduces the dramatic refrain of degradation by focusing on the Newtown Creek, New York superfund site,

The copyright filing for the overture has been registered with the United States copyright office.

The copy of the registration of copyright for the overture, the first of five movements of the symphony. The overture was composed as a film in addition to the sculptural installation:
Since the installation was designed for habitat corridors where natural gas pipelines have been proposed for expansion, a cease and desist notification has been sent to the Algonquin corporation, owned by Spectra, who are planning to excavate for that expansion 105' from the Indian point nuclear facility, 30 miles from NYC. The cease and desist notification is intended to protect the artwork from destruction.
Signed evidence of receipt of the cease and desist notification in Texas, home of the Algonquin-Spectra corporations.

Each measure of the symphony is one third mile. Several measures are being painted in Virginia.

Detail of measures being painted by Robin Boucher and others at Brush Mountain, Virginia
This team of painters filmed their work:

October 4, 2015 measures were commenced at an animal sanctuary and on two farms in Oneida County.

Photograph by Toshia Hance of Blued Trees work in Oneida County, where pipelines are claiming 10 mile swathes of land corridors through prime farmland and watersheds for New York State
Work in progress for Blued Trees at an animal sanctuary. Photograph by Toshia Hance
Work in progress for Blued Trees, identifying where new pipeline expansions could destroy prime farmland. Photograph by Aviva Rahmani.
Planning session at the threatened animal sanctuary to expand the scope of the symphony to additional measures. Photograph by Aviva Rahmani
Grandfather tree where the farm owners' husband's ashes are buried, which would be destroyed should the pipelines be allowed to proceed told destroy the land. Photograph by Aviva Rahmani.
Detail of painted tree from Blued Trees first movement of the symphony. Photograph by Aviva Rahmani.
End of a day of painting measures of the first movement of the Blued Trees symphony. Photograph by Aviva Rahmani
Melodic transposition from trees to notes of a variation for the first movement of the Blued Trees symphony, notated with the help of Debra Vanderlinde

It is anticipated that litigation may begin soon. Please read more about the project here:

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