Sunday, November 1, 2015

"Blued Trees" symphony continues to unfold nationally!

Another 1/3 mile measure of "Blued Trees" is being painted today in Nassau County, New York. This is the sixth location nationally to install "Blued Trees" as a full 1/3 mile measure in the path of proposed natural gas pipeline expansions. 
I sent the painters some last minute comments and instructions:
We are experimenting with some radical ideas with what activism and art can be and how it might work. you are on the cutting edge.
Everyone participating is a courageous hero fighting the Goliaths of our times with your own cleverness.
Success will be in how the idea spreads: that art has power, that individuals working collectively can effect change.
That setbacks can spur us to even greater heroism.
Paint like your life depends upon it, because it does.
Make great art.
Get the best possible documentation.

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