Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Preparing for Ruthlessness in "Blued Trees"

I will add to this post over the next few days. It is November 25, the day before Thanksgiving, and I have much to be grateful for in the progress of Blued Trees, starting with how many people have "gotten it," that art and law can contest the mindless proliferation of toxic fossil fuel and natural gas infrastructures. Yesterday, I was enormously heartened when the Blued Trees crowdfunding site received a donation of $100., a day after I had visited the site of the overture, in Peekskill, New York, where I witnessed how Algonquin-Spectra had wreaked utter, devastating destruction. They ignored the danger of creating a high velocity (42") pipeline, cheek by jowl with the local nuclear plant, 30 miles from NYC. They ignored thousands of local citizens petitioning for protection from the dangers. They dismissed the cease and desist notification I had filed.

This is a detail of the overture that was destroyed by Algonquin- Spectra, shot my Erik McGregor days before.

I now know far more about Blued Trees than when I began. I know, for example, that the ruthlessness that fossil fuel companies have employed in South America, has reached North America, They act with impunity because many officials are on their team, not the team of local citizens or the welfare of the planet. It took me a while to grasp how utterly indifferent they are to consequences, such as climate change, wrapped in oodles of money as they are. I will add to this blog post this weekend, with urls for new articles, pictures and information about a manual we are completing for painters.  

I was unprepared  for ruthlessness." I didn't have the war chest, the right lawyers, or the emotional fortitude to accept the intense grief and rage when that some battles are lost so we can win the war. I am, however, learning, and intend to pass along all I learn. We now have a manual designed by Coni Porter, and other participants, for all new participants.

This is the new film from Erik McGregor about resistance that includes a collage of images from Blued Trees:

This is the url to donate to developing the legal theory to umbrella every Blued Trees site internationally:

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