Friday, December 11, 2015

Performance installation of the first three movements of "Blued Trees" scheduled at ISCP Tuesday evening December 15, 2015

Blued Trees by Aviva Rahmani Program Notes

Photo by Jillian Steinhauer from boating tour of Newtown Creek with Dylan Gaultier and Aviva Rahmani

The Blued Trees Symphony overture, first and second movement of five movements premieres 6:30 PM at ISCP, 1040 Metropolitan Ave. Brooklyn, NY for Aqueous Earth December 15, 2015.

I am pleased and honored to present the first three movements of the Blued Trees symphony. Many thanks to the entire staff of ISCP and the NEA, who have hosted this residency period for me to focus on producing the second movement of the symphony. Particular thanks to studio assistant Su Jung Kim and technical support from Drew Lichtenstein.

Blued Trees is a 16-month long symphony at multiple sites internationally. The work includes a series of site specific installations, as copyrighted sculptures in collaboration with trees, at over twenty sites internationally. The goal of this work is to initiate an international discussion about the judicial meaning of public good and earth rights, and create the legal instruments for a resilient future,  including clean water, from the impetus of art. The second movement compares what has been done to Newtown Creek, to what is about to happen to the State of New York and the remainder of the earth, as fossil fuel infrastructure advances unimpeded.

Part I: overture film created with Denise Petrizzo from the June 21, 2015 launch.
Audio includes work from Maile Colbert with score created by Aviva Rahmani, and singing by Coloratura Debra Vanderlinde and Aviva Rahmani. The site of the launch was Peekskill New York, at the invitation of the Reynolds Hills Property Association, where expanded natural gas pipelines would pass within 105’ of the nuclear plant infrastructure for the Indian Point facility, 30 miles from New York City. The work at the site had copyright registration to protect the art and the habitat from destruction. September 30, 2015, a cease and desist notification was delivered to the Spectra Corporation. In defiance of that cease and desist notification to the Spectra Corporation, that site was destroyed late November 2015.

Part II: first movement, based on trees painted at twenty corridor sites opposing natural gas infrastructure in 1/3 mile measures of the symphony. Each site had been painted at the invitation of residents facing land condemnation under eminent domain law, in the name of public good. Film of painting at three sites in Oneida County, New York, by Heriberto Rodriguez.

Part III: second movement, comparing the history and status of the Newtown Creek superfund site and the extent of plans for natural infrastructure in New York State.

Live Performers:

Gusti Bogok, activist and soprano
Daniel McHenry, actor
Aviva Rahmani, artist and soprano
Al Smith, bass
Lynne Taylor, actor
Dean Temple, actor

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